Essentials account

Is your current account taking care of your essentials?

Eligibility criteria applies, UK residents ages 16-25.

Saving doesn't have to be hard.

Essentials account

The essentials account is aimed for the young adult to be able to save and eventually get the ultimate goal. A deposit for a house. The account is to cover what we believe are the essentials for a young adult to have as they head out in the world. It doesn't matter if your working, a student or a young mother at home, we got you covered. If you are eligible for the essentials account, simply download the app from our website or from the app store and enjoy the benefits from your essentials account. Earn REWARDS as you spend and save.

How it works download app

Earn bronze points as you spend.

Bronze Rewards. 50 points.

The bronze rewards we have provided are the most important part of the essentials account. With the bronze rewards you can get a discount on essential products.

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10% off shopping from selected stores.

diving AA

20% off driving lessons. From selected driving schools.

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10% off eating at selected restaurants.

Earn silver points as you save.

Silver Rewards. 10 points.

If you are keen on saving. Then we have some great rewards for you. Maybe you would like a night in? Well at Nationwide we have rewards for those who really want to save.

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3 free iTunes singles. (only singles, Not albums.)

diving AA

30% of selected venues, concerts, theater etc.

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Free NETFLICK movie. Choose from a huge array of movies.

Earn gold points as you save.

Gold Rewards. 300 points.

Saving can be very hard, so at Nationwide we are rewarding our customers with a few days break at a hotel on us. Get rewarded for being a fantastic saver.

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2 nights hotel at one of UK's selected seaside resorts.

diving AA

2 nights hotel at one of UK's selected country resorts.

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2 nights hotel at one of UK's selected cities.

How our reward system works.

Our Nationwide reward is very easy to track, and with our new web application it has now become even easier. We have taken our time to find out what you, the customer needs to get along as a young adult. So we have provided you with what we think are the essentials.

Gold Points

For every £1000 you save a month, we will reward you with 20 gold points as a reward and effort as a big saver.

Bronze Points

For every 10p you spend on your Nationwide debit or credit card, we will reward you with 1 bronze point.

Silver Points

For every £100 you save a month, we will reward you with 5 silver points for your reward and effort as a saver.

Our partners.

Our partners work close with us to ensure our Nationwide customers get the best experience.

3 easy steps

Simply log in. Purchase your offer. Scan or enter code to redeem.


To redeem your rewards, you can only use one offer per day for bronze rewards, silver and gold. For example you cannot use x2 ASDA shopping offers from the bronze points. However, you can use a bronze reward and a silver reward in one day. When you have selected the offer you want, you will be given either a QR barcode to scan and a coupon code (if required).

Your journey as a young adult has just started.

Get a 1/3 off your fares with a FREE 16-25 railcard.

Full terms here.

There are plenty of ways you can use your Railcard, for both long and short trips. Better still you can use it anytime on weekends, public holidays and during the week. The only restriction is that if you travel between 04:30 and 09:59 Monday to Friday (except during July and August) a minimum fare of £12 will apply.

With all these great benefits, what are you waiting for? apply today and get rewarded.

No other bank or building society cares for it's customers as we do, unchanged for over a 100 years and we are still going. We feel that it's time for young adults to benifit from banking.

Apply for Essentials account.